Do I need a Structural Engineer?


This week our engineer has been busy in Derbyshire designing a beam for a load bearing wall 
which is to be removed on this historical property built in the 1500’s.

Yes, if you are modifying the structure of your home or business premises in any way you will require a structural engineer. The purpose of the structural engineer is to ensure that the property is safe and is required by Building Control. 

A structural engineer can determine whether a wall is load bearing and therefore if a beam is required. If architectural drawings are not available, the structural engineer will carry out a site visit to determine the exact dimensions of your property. These will be used to calculate how much support is needed. 

Architectural drawings are not always required, for example, if you are removing one internal wall you can do this under permitted development rights for which an architect is not needed. 

It is common practice for architects to work closely with separate structural engineering consultancies when working on a project. 

Structural engineers are always required where new builds are involved. Similarly, if extensions are being added and the existing external wall is being opened up to provide access to the new space, structural calculations will need to be provided. This also applies where new structural elements are being completed such as new roofs, floors or foundations.

Benny's Birthday!


This week our Senior Structural Engineer Benny turned 38. We celebrated in style with balloons and lots of cake. As you can see he was very happy with his surprise after returning from a site visit. The team took Benny for a birthday lunch. We all went to Frankie and Benny’s and ordered some of their famous Garlic Pizza Bread and Chocolate Brownie Sundae's.