Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a structural engineer?

An analogy we like to use is to think of a building as the human body; structural engineers are consultants involved with the ‘skeleton’. It is our job to ensure that the structure of a building is strong enough to support the weight/forces that are applied to it. At the same time, we need to identify the most suitable and cost-effective solution to match your requirements, according to your budget. No two buildings are the same and it is our task to understand the way that the building will work structurally.

Do I need to use the services of a structural engineer?

Yes, if you are modifying the structure of a building in any way. Not to do so could be dangerous, particularly if you are removing chimney breasts or altering load-bearing walls. We need to complete the beam calculations for these works to guarantee safety. If it is required, we can also provide a letter confirming whether or not certain walls are load bearing.
Our services are always required where new builds are involved. Similarly, if extensions are being added and the existing external wall being opened up to provide access to the new space, we need to work on it. This also applies where new structural elements are being completed such as new roofs, floors or foundations.

Does the structural engineer always need to visit the property involved?

This can vary. If you have architectural plans already in place, the structural engineer can work from these. However, if you do not have these, then a site visit will be necessary as the engineer will need to see what structural changes will need to be designed and taken account of.

What happens once you complete your work and I receive the structural calculations?

Once you have received the structural calculations from us, you, your Architect or your builder will need to submit these to the local Building Control Authorities.

What are the structural engineer costs?

Structural engineer costs will be detailed in your quotation before work starts. Once your structural calculations are complete, payment becomes due. We accept cash, BACS transfer or we can even take payments over the telephone via debit or credit card.