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Our structural design service includes structural & civil calculations, plans and inspections. By making use of our free telephone consultation, we are able to understand your requirements and provide a no obligation quotation.

We can design using the following materials: 
  • Steel – including steel beams design for small projects 
  • Timber 
  • Concrete 
  • Glass 
  • Masonry 

Able to work on both residential and commercial projects, here are just a few of the structural design services that we regularly provide: 

Load Bearing Walls Removal 

If you would like to remove one of walls at your house, we are happy to visit your property, design required beam(s) and provide the report with structural calculations suitable for Building Control Authorities. We also provide indicative partial plans, specify connections and padstones without any additional charges. 


If you have sufficient room, why not add a bigger kitchen, dining room or even a large family area? We take care of the structural designs for all sorts of home extensions. 

New Builds 

Building your ideal home doesn’t have to remain a dream. We are extremely skilled house engineers; we would work with your Architect to make the new building structurally sound and visually appealing. 

Lofts and structural alterations 

If you have a large loft with sufficient headroom, then you can add another bedroom, bathroom or extra family space. Not only will your home look great but it will add value, being a cost-effective way of expanding your living area. 

Garage conversions 

If your garage has just become a store for junk, why not turn it into valuable habitable space? Make room for that much-needed study, bedroom or even an office. 


Think about how much room there is below your feet and you will understand why so many people dig down when they are looking to expand. Gyms, cinema rooms, dining areas and even swimming pools can be added. The choice is yours. 

Temporary works 

Very often, during the construction of a building, temporary support works are required for part of the structure, foundations and earthworks. This service takes care of that, including steel beam design.

Civil Engineering

S38 Agreements for Highway Adoptions
S184 Agreements for New Access
S38 Agreements for Highway Adoptions
S104 Agreements for New Drainage Adoptions
S106 Agreements for New Drainage Connections
Cut and fill analysis
Surface water attenuation